Dier backs Kane to shoot record in shootout game

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Spurs defender Eric Dier has backed team-mate Harry Kane to score a record against Arsenal and urged fans to give their support in both games. The teams will face each other today.

“Golden Spur Chicken” has not lost anyone since returning to the field after the World Cup, as well as “artillery”, whose continuous excellent performance leads the crowd in the Premier League table at the moment.

With Kane currently scoring 265 goals for the club, just one goal behind Jimmy Greaves’ record high and being the top scorer ufabet of the “North London Derby” with 14 goals, which Dier cheered for his friends. Score more goals in this game.

“Breaking the record is unbelievable. But to do that and to meet them (Arsenal) will be even more special for him.

“He (Ken) has an incredible record against them. In a sport like this it’s funny. how did it happen Do you have a team or player that is your main rival? Then you always have someone who does well when you meet.”

Dier also urged supporters to recreate the same great atmosphere as in the 3-0 win over Arsenal in May last year. Which is an important game that helps the team to play in the UEFA Champions League, sending Arsenal to only play in the Europa League

“That was probably one of the most atmospheric games ever played on the pitch. It felt as though whoever won the game would advance to the next round. So it’s like a final game. but it’s been a long time That would be a totally big game.”