How to “prevent eye” problems from computer

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Prevent eye, using computers has become a common practice for many. Either in the form of a desktop or a laptop. Most of our daily work is done on the computer, and a lot of our time is spent looking at the screen. And also the use of tablets and smartphones

And because of prolonged exposure to these screens, we are at an increased risk of eye problems and these eye problems are known as Computer Vision Syndrome.It is important to prevent any health problems in this regard. This can be done in the following way ยูฟ่าเบท.

Go for an eye test and check-up

Go for a thorough physical exam when you notice that you often have tears. Headache and blurred vision Tell the doctor who performs the exam about the time you spend on screens at home and at work.

Exercise the eyes

People using computers have a higher chance of blurred vision or irritation in the eyes. Practice simple exercises like blinking repeatedly, rolling your eyes back and forth, and looking at distant objects to avoid eye problems that arise due to prolonged exposure to a digital screen.

Take a break every 20 minutes: Avoid working by looking at the screen for a long time. Take a 20-second break after every 20 minutes if you have to work for a long time. To help you avoid eye disease to some extent.

Make sure you sit in good working light

to avoid eye strain. Therefore good lighting is very important. When sitting and working, there should be an appropriate level of light, not too dark or too bright

educe the time you spend on screens

R You can reduce your eyesight by cutting down on the time you spend on the screens of your devices. Avoid using your smartphone when going to bed to sleep. Avoid staring at the screen in the dark as far as possible. Use screen time for work only.

Arrange the computer to an appropriate level

Make sure the laptop / desktop screen is slightly below eye level if the screen is 20-28 inches from your face.

Wear anti-glare glasses and adjust your screen settingsYou know that in the market there are computer glasses specially designed to reduce eye fatigue, eye strain, headache. Use glasses, for example, which will help to keep working. Good success These glasses filter out blue light emitted by tablets, desktops, laptops and smartphones. As well as adjust the screen brightness Font size and contrast until you find the setting that works best for you.

All of this is to take care of the eye health of modern people like Computer Vision Syndrome to prevent eye problems that can occur if they use these devices for a long period of time.